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العدسات المتخصصة للبصريات العدسات المتخصصة | Specialized Lense

Optical shop selling optical glasses, sunglasses, optical lenses, and contact lenses. We provide a free optician test and quick delivery for the glasses.


العدسات المتخصصة للبصريات العدسات المتخصصة | Specialized Lense


Mohammad Rashid Rida
Riyadh Al Aziziyah 14714
Saudi Arabia



Optical shop that sells optical glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, and optical lenses. We offer a free optical test and fast delivery of the glasses.


About Riyadh

Riyadh ( ree-YAHD; Arabic: الرياض, romanized: ar-Riyāḍ, standard pronunciation: [ar.riˈjaːdˤ], Najdi pronunciation: [er.rɪˈjɑːðˤ]; lit. 'the Meadows') is the capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia. It is also the capital of the Riyadh Province and the centre of the Riyadh Governorate. The current form of the metropolis emerged as an offshoot of the eponymous walled town following the dismantling of its defensive fortifications in the 1950s, after which the city underwent several phases of expansion and urbanization. It is the largest city on the Arabian Peninsula, and is situated in the center of the an-Nafud desert, on the eastern part of the Najd plateau. The city sits at an average of 600 meters (2,000 ft) above sea level, and receives around 5 million tourists each year, making it the forty-ninth most visited city in the world and the 6th in the Middle East.

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